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  • Social entrepreneurship can lift communities before, during and after severe weather events
    People and communities impacted by severe weather can benefit from entrepreneurial activities.
  • Murphy, Patrick

    Patrick Murphy, Ph.D.

    Economic growth and impact • Entrepreneurship • Venture capitalists • Technology innovation • Social enterprises • Entrepreneurial ecosystems • Innovation education • International entrepreneurship • Corporate leadership • Economic impacts of natural disasters • Business culture and performance

  • Are you prepared in the event of a disaster?
    UAB is partnering with FEMA for National Preparedness Month activities and lessons.
  • Fanucchi, Michelle

    Michelle Fanucchi, Ph.D.

    Air pollution • Water pollution • Toxicology • Chemical safety • Health risks from air and water contamination

  • Kirby, Jason

    Jason Kirby, Ph.D.

    Infrastructure implications after major flooding • Implications of the volume of rainfall • Difference between storm water sewage and drinking water systems • Damage to roads and foundations • Evacuation best practices • Insurance filing • Sustainability

  • Kerby, Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Kerby, M.D., Ph.D.

    Trauma • Critical care • Pre-hospital emergency care • Resuscitation outcomes research • Bleeding control techniques/large volume blood replacement • Stop the Bleed, a public awareness campaign urging bystander education on bleeding control

  • Sanford, Janyce

    Janyce Sanford, M.D.

    Emergency medicine • Quality and patient safety • Health policy • Pre-hospital emergency care

  • Sisiopiku, Virginia

    Virginia Sisiopiku, Ph.D.

    Traffic planning & operations • Transportation safety • Pedestrian behavior & safety • Driver distraction • Intelligent transportation systems • Sustainable transportation systems • Evacuation methods

  • Got helmets? Gear up for severe weather threats
    Spring tornado season is here. Are you ready? Prepare for the worst with these suggestions from UAB Emergency Management.
  • UAB recognized as a StormReady university
    UAB has been designated as a StormReady university by the National Weather Service.
  • Klapow, Josh

    Josh Klapow, Ph.D.

    Clinical psychology • Behavior therapy • Relationship issues • Psychological first aid • Crisis and disaster psychological response

  • Nation’s top cancer centers to endorse elimination of HPV-related cancers
    The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center joins forces with other leading cancer centers to increase vaccination rates and screenings to eliminate HPV-related cancers, starting with cervical cancer.
  • Birrer, Michael

    Michael Birrer, M.D., Ph.D.

    Gynecologic cancers • Individual characteristics of ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers • Research and early detection surrounding gynecologic oncology

  • Huh, Warner

    Warner Huh, M.D.

    Diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers • Gynecologic vaccinations • Robotic surgery for gynecologic conditions and cancers • Novel therapeutics for gynecologic cancers • Cervical cancer screening and prevention