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Identifying key protein interactions in cast nephropathy could aid in drug development for deadly myeloma complication.

School of Nursing will host its annual scholarship fundraising event.

Less than 20 percent of patients eligible for cardiac rehab are referred to a program, which can reduce mortality by up to 35 percent.

Turner-Henson has been recognized by the EPA for her work in children's health initiatives.

Emily Boohaker was recognized for her commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles.

Anne Alexandrov will help improve outcomes of nursing programs.

The new procedure means some patients with congenital heart defects can avoid open heart surgery.

Eckhoff will hold an endowed chair in transplantation surgery.

Data could lead to better advice for primary-care doctors struggling with a rising tide of older adult patients still in throes of youthful bad habits.

UAB physician will host a webinar on infertility issues through UABMD.

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