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Intensive lifestyle interventions can put Type 2 diabetes into remission, eliminate need for medication, according to a new study.
Men are more likely to get kidney stones than women, but you can avoid the pain.

This award honors a faculty advisor who has distinguished themselves in mentoring dental students.

Phillips will learn about the legislative process from health policy experts in Washington, D.C.

Thomas W. Weatherford III, D.V.M., D.M.D., joined the faculty in 1962.

The Division of Nuclear Medicine is now the Division Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics.

Black men and women have twice the risk of fatal coronary heart disease as whites, but the disparity could be eliminated with better risk factor control.

Advances led by UAB and Children’s of Alabama neonatologist Wally Carlo have helped millions of infants worldwide

National Institute of Nursing Research grant will help combat HIV in the rural Deep South.

Alexandrov was honored for her nursing instruction.

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