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UAB’s Diabetes Bridge Clinic helps patients keep symptoms under control during the vulnerable period as they go from hospital to home.

UAB researchers have published a paper showing a link between micro-organisms and a type of kidney disease.
UAB's Liver Center will host its annual Liver Awareness Day on Sept. 15.
A UAB School of Nursing professor will edit a new online nursing journal.
Souraya Sidani, Ph.D., professor at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, will present the 20th Dr. Jean A. Kelley Endowed Lectureship Sept. 16.
More than three million teeth are knocked out in youth sports each year but some can be prevented or successfully treated.

Most kids go to the doctor for a general checkup before school starts but it’s important to remember teeth need a checkup, too.

Questions about age, diabetes, smoking and other health issues aim to identify people at risk for kidney disease.

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