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Department of Psychology assistant professor honored for his dedication to students with disabilities.

Research findings from data in 1930s Alabama underscore the lifelong effects of disparities in educational opportunities.

UAB’s new nano-material extends the life of pancreatic islets and reduces inflammatory response that causes transplant rejection.

UAB study finds majority of older adults rate themselves as excellent drivers though one in four had a wreck in previous five years.

Whether his audience is a military general or college students, Assistant Professor John Grimes makes every effort to defend our country.

Honors student will study international development, focusing on rural Tanzania.

UAB study finds multi-tasking teens using media almost all day, each day; sleep is disrupted and parents are kept in the dark

Undergraduate researcher given top honors from College of Arts and Sciences.

UAB research reveals sleep-deprived adolescents experience more hits and near misses while crossing the street in virtual lab.

Honors student and incoming School of Medicine first-year receives award.

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