Camp three is ArtPlay’s three-week master camp, which offers older campers an extra week for master classes leading up to the two-week camp, when the show will be mounted.
Campers will be introduced to the world of musical theater with a variety of fun classes.
Campers will be introduced to the world of musical theater with a variety of fun classes.
February 24, 2016

2016 UAB Music Summer Camps

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Dedicated to the development of young musicians, this camp intends for participants to gain new skills and methods they can carry back to their school band program and share with other band members.
February 24, 2016

Camp CSI: Birmingham

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Camp CSI: Birmingham is designed to show high school students the reality behind the forensic science depicted in such television dramas as “CSI” and “NCIS.”
The university team found a significantly greater prevalence of ADHD in children with moderate, as well as mild, vision problems, when compared to children with no history of visual difficulties.
A team of American archaeologists led by Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, working with Egyptian archaeologists, discovered the 12th Dynasty tomb of King Senusret I’s stamp bearer to the south of his pyramid.
Biomedical engineering student Ophelia Johnson has helped develop clever devices for people with diabetes, autism and critical illnesses. Now she is going global with her Marshall Scholarship, which covers a year of study in Britain. Discover how tragedy inspired her to help others — and how London will hone her design skills.
Gravette has beaten the odds. On Feb. 22, she celebrated the 22nd anniversary of her transplant. Her cancer has not returned, and she has been able to work and live normally for more than two decades since her surgery. McGiffin was passing through town and met up with his patient at UAB on the anniversary of her transplant.
The convoluted history of medical resident training — and what may be on the horizon – is focus of UAB Reynolds-Finley lecture.
Civitan International funds new UAB neuroimaging laboratory.
Research on using patient navigation as a means to increase participation of minorities in clinical trials is among this year’s top clinical cancer research advances.
A key role for microRNA-155 in brain inflammation and neurodegeneration makes it both a potential therapeutic target and a biomarker for this progressive disorder.
UAB researchers probe basic molecular mechanisms that lead to the lung scarring of pulmonary fibrosis, a lethal disorder.
The UAB Piano Series, presented by the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Music, brings the world’s finest pianists to Birmingham. Takács will perform an all-Beethoven program.
South Asian art historian Susan Huntington is the keynote speaker for the symposium, hosted by the UAB Department of Art and Art History.
Parkinson Association of Alabama will hold walk to raise research funding for Parkinson’s disease.
"The question then became which procedure has the most durability. We found that both procedures lower the long-term risk of stroke. The major risk difference between the procedures comes during the peri-procedural period."
Now, research shows that testosterone treatment for men over 65 improves sexual function, walking ability and mood, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The blood pressure-lowering medicine verapamil may also help lower blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, new research suggests.
Sara Rosenbaum, J.D., presents lecture on The Search for a National Child Health Policy: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges at UAB on March 3.
Light, abstract and figurative art on display at UAB’s The Edge of Chaos through Feb. 25.
Alabama ALS chapter honors UAB’s Peter King with Spirit of Lou Gehrig Award.
Celebrity chef B. Smith, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, will be joined by UAB Alzheimer’s expert Erik Roberson, for a discussion of the disease at a signing for Smith’s new book.
UAB’s Daniella Chusyd has received another grant to study body composition in elephants.
Premature babies at UAB receive handmade quilts from Oxford, Alabama, Girl Scout troop.
The duo will premiere “Sonata: Folie à Deux” by UAB Associate Professor of Music William Price, as well as “Circling” for two saxophones by David Froom.
Sarah Parcak, a University of Alabama at Birmingham professor who calls herself a space archaeologist, has won this year's TED Prize to build a global army of amateur archaeologists who help discover and protect the planet's hidden heritage.
Sarah Parcak, winner of the million-dollar TED Prize, hopes to equip an army of citizen-scientists to discover and protect ancient sites.
Dr. Parcak, winner of the 2016 TED Prize by the nonprofit forum for “ideas worth spreading,” announced at a talk in Vancouver on Tuesday evening that she would use the $1 million to build “an online interactive citizen science platform” to allow anyone with a computer to discover and monitor archaeological sites.
Sarah Parcak envisions a 21st century army of citizen scientists to battle the looting and destruction of the world's antiquities.
The report says African Americans are nearly three times more likely to have a stroke at the age of 45 than white people. That imbalance decreases over time until disappearing by age 85.
In December 2014, after months of noticing a rapid decline in her lung function, she was admitted to the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. While there, doctors had no choice but to place her on ECMO, a type of bypass machine to take over the work her heart and lungs were unable to do.
The new Office of Veterans Recruitment and Student Services, a dedicated area for UAB’s veteran student population in the heart of campus, will host an open house Tuesday, Feb. 23, in the new Hill Student Center.
Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater will present free workshops to students, patients and the community, with a grand finale performance at 2 p.m. March 5.
Aged drivers and women using prescription sleep medicines at higher risk for motor vehicle collisions.
Professors from UAB’s schools of Nursing and Health Professions recently published a paper recognized as a top five study by a national nursing informatics group.
Risk of long-term stroke equally and effectively lowered in stenting and invasive surgery procedures. 
Fellows hope to help make UAB a destination school for student entrepreneurs who value an atmosphere of innovation.
"What we find, however, is that the risk of stroke in patients over the age of 70 is twice that with stenting than with the surgical CEA procedure."
It is a promising finding at UAB, where the Comprehensive Diabetes Center is currently conducting a first-of-its-kind, JDRF-funded clinical trial using verapamil, a drug that researchers in the School of Medicine have shown completely reverses the disease in mice models.
Specifically, she [Eugenia Kharlampieva] has found that changes in shapes or elasticity of these tiny carriers greatly influence their ability to surmount the drug-delivery hurdles that lie between an injection into a vein and engulfment into a cancer cell.
A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows testosterone treatment can have benefits for men over age 65.
BCRFA continues to provide substantial gifts to UAB Cancer Center to accelerate breast cancer research.
The new office, part of UAB's strategic plans to support and promote global activities, will help align international activities and ensure direct access to campus resources for UAB employees and staff.
Surgeons from around the world gather at UAB to learn more about robotic assisted surgery.
Measure of Mpl gene expression reveals a heterogonous population of leukemia stem cells: one group leukemic and the other group non-leukemic.
Birmingham is one of 10 cities PNC selected as part of a $10 million pilot, which engages community organizations to build young children’s vocabulary through neighborhood workshops and hands-on vocabulary lessons.
Thanks to her (Sarah Parcak) innovative work, Parcak was awarded the 2016 TED Prize accompanied by a $1 million grant. It goes to an individual with a creative, bold vision to spark global change.
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