Below are Terms and Conditions set forth by federal and state regulations for the disbursement of Student Financial Aid. When you accept the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s offer of Student Financial Aid, you agree to following:

The Office of Student Financial Aid corresponds with students using UAB email. In accordance with University of Alabama at Birmingham policy, every student is required to have an e-mail address to which official University communications can be sent. Students should check their UAB email account once per day to ensure they are receiving important communications from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Most financial aid requires at least half-time enrollment (6 hours as an Undergraduate, 5 hours as a Graduate) in courses required for your program of study. Courses that do not count toward the student’s degree requirements will not be calculated toward the enrollment requirement for disbursement of Financial Aid.

Loans are available to assist with educational expenses and must be repaid. The Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans are subject to annual and lifetime borrowing limits that are based on your enrollment status and classification. For more information about student loans, visit

Failure to attend half time (6 hours as an Undergraduate, 5 hours as a Graduate) in courses required for your program of study will result in the cancellation of any Federal Direct Student Loans.

The Federal Pell Grant and the TEACH Grant are prorated based on enrollment. For example, if a student is enrolled ¾ time during a semester, the Pell Grant will automatically prorate payment of 75% based on the student’s enrollment. Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses that do not satisfy degree requirements will not be considered eligible enrollment for the Pell Grant or TEACH Grant.

Other enrollment changes, corrections made to the FAFSA, or receipt of additional resources will require recalculation of your eligibility and could result in the reduction or cancellation of Federal Financial Aid received. You may be required to repay any previously disbursed funds for which you become ineligible.

Changes in the availability of federal funding could also impact your award. You will be notified of any required adjustments. Cross enrollment that is not degree seeking will not be considered for the half-time enrollment requirement.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, all students receiving Federal Financial Aid must meet their schools Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue receiving federal funds. Review additional information regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress at the following site SAP Policy.

If a student withdraws completely at any point during the semester, a calculation will be completed to determine how much of the student’s under earned federal financial aid will be returned to their lender or the U.S. Department of Education. This may result in an outstanding balance.

Students are liable for all outstanding balances, regardless of Federal Financial Aid eligibility. You may monitor your student account for any notification or changes through BlazerNET.

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