How do I choose a payment plan?

If you do not pay 100 percent of your account balance by the first payment deadline, you will automatically be enrolled in the Blazer Flex Plan.

Why is there a service charge for the Flex plan?

Many schools use a third-party service for their payment plan; those schools have a much higher enrollment fee or interest charges. UAB wanted to offer a payment plan to its students with a cheaper and more competitive fee.

Since the first payment is often due prior to the beginning of classes, will financial aid be applied earlier to my account?

The answer to this question depends on a student’s individual circumstances. Students who have received a financial aid award notification and have completed all requirements before the initial tuition payment due date will have aid count toward meeting the payment amount due listed as “Anticipated Financial Aid” in the student account. The actual processing of any student refunds will begin after the first day of classes if financial aid has posted to your UAB account.

First-time borrowers must complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note before a student loan will be posted to the student account.

Students receiving external funding (e.g. PACT, VA benefits, etc.) or scholarships will also be listed as “Anticipated” if the funds have been received.

How are the payment amounts calculated for each deadline in the Flex plan?

Payment amounts are calculated based on the number of payment deadlines remaining.

What happens if I add a course after the first payment deadline?

Any charges added after a payment deadline will be divided equally over the remaining number of payment deadlines. If you initially paid 100 percent of your account balance at the first payment deadline then you will have 24 hours to pay the additional charges from that added course or you will be automatically enrolled in to the Blazer Flex Plan.

How is the UAB payment policy similar to other institutions?

The new policy is essentially the same as that of other major institutions. Many institutions across the US require full payment of the student’s account balance before the first class day and also offer an option for a payment plan.

Will PACT (Alabama Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program) funds be deducted from my account balance prior to the initial payment deadline?

Yes, any approved PACT funds will be credited to your account balance prior to the initial payment deadline. Students eligible for PACT funds do not need to contact Student Accounting for them to appear as anticipated aid on your account. If you have a question about how much remaining funding you have available through PACT, you should contact their office directly.

Do I get an incentive for paying 100 percent in the standard plan?

There is no incentive for paying 100 percent of your balance other than you will not be charged a $25 Blazer Flex Enrollment Fee.

What happens if I miss a payment in the Flex plan?

Failure to meet the Flex plan payment deadlines will result in the student being charged a $50 late fee for each deadline missed.

For students living on campus, if the remaining account balance is not paid in full by the 3rd payment deadline, you will be assessed an additional Housing Collection Fee of $100.

I receive financial aid. Can you show me an example of how the policy will affect students who receive financial aid?

Yes, the below example shows a sample student who receives financial aid:

Description Charge Payment
Campus Dining Fee $225.00
Meal Plan $795.00
Parking Permit $130.00
Tuition $3,755.00
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan   $2,226.00
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan   $990.00

What if my financial aid covers my entire balance?

If your aid covers your entire balance, you will not be enrolled in the Blazer Flex Plan unless additional charges are added to your account after the first payment deadline or after you have received your reimbursement check.



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