We respect the wishes of members of our community, and those who do not wish to be enrolled in the TAP trial. If you do not want to participate, you can request to opt out. We offer a silicone bracelet with the words “Opt Out of TAP Research Trial” engraved on it. You will have to wear this bracelet during the time this study is being conducted – February 2023 through December 2026.

Even if you opt out, there is no guarantee that under emergency circumstances the bracelet will be attached to you while you are being cared for in our Emergency Department. You might still be enrolled in the study. In the unlikely event that you are enrolled after you have requested not to be enrolled, we will not use any of the information collected, and all information pertaining to the enrollment will be destroyed.


If you know (or think) that you are allergic to Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, or its components, please let us know, by requesting an opt-out bracelet.

There is one way to get your Opt Out of Trauma Research bracelet:

  1. Contact the HonorHealth Research & Innovation Research at (480) 583-0760 or email klewandowski@honorhealth.com.

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