September 05, 2018

Preparing for the external launch of Profiles

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iStock 475017830UAB has adopted a new tool called Profiles to help faculty with the tracking and reporting of scholarly activities. Additionally, Profiles drives certain data to a public facing website that will showcase UAB faculty in a searchable directory—Scholars@UAB. This companion website is slated to launch on September 14.

The SOM has been working by Department and Division to introduce the system to faculty. Many faculty members have already completed the first step—submitting their CV—which is used to establish search settings for the import of publications from PubMed and other sources. If you have not initiated your Profile, start by submitting your CV here.

The next recommended step is to review and authenticate the information that has been imported into your profile, specifically the subset that will be displayed on Scholars@UAB. A detailed list of these fields along with step-by-step instructions is below. Based on faculty feedback, this process takes about 45 minutes.

You may prefer to have your delegate review this information on your behalf. To request delegate access, visit the Profiles page here

Profiles is a robust system that has useful capabilities beyond the features of Scholars@UAB. If you or your delegate would like attend a formal training session, four are scheduled for September and October. Find them here. 

For questions, email

Step-by-step instructions for verifying your Scholars@UAB information:

1. Login to your profile using your blazer id here:

2. From the “Home” tab, review the information in the “My Actions” section. There are two tasks that are important to complete in this section:

a. Claim if they are your publications or Reject pending publications if they are not yours, but belong to someone with a name similar to yours. (if the publications contain any errors, contact for help to correct )
b. Link or create your ORCID # so future publications can be imported automatically.
c. There may be other items in this queue, which you are welcome to complete if you would like, but these will not display on your public-facing Scholars@UAB web profile.
d. Note: You can curate your external publications list by hiding certain publications you may not want to appear on the web. Once you claim a publication, there is an “eye” button on each individual publication entry. This eye allows you to hide these publications from external view.

3. Click the “Edit Your Profile” button found directly under your picture on the “Home” tab. Please complete or review the information in following categories:

a. Picture
b. Name
c. Faculty Rank (This field is locked. Changes must be request from your HR representative.)
d. Department (This field is locked. Changes must be request from your HR representative.)
e. Division
f. Email (Profiles automatically imports your If you prefer to hide this field, please email
g. Phone Number (not required)
h. Overview (This should be a brief narrative, biographical summary of your academic career.)
i. Research Interests (A narrative summary of the areas in which you are pursuing research. A key word list is also appropriate.)
j. Teaching Summary (This is a narrative overview of your teaching activities. There is a separate listing of teaching activities in Profiles that is imported from Banner and displayed below – step ‘v’.)
k. UAB Appointments (This field is locked. Changes must be request from your HR representative.)
l. Academic Appointments (Include external appointment, and/or those held prior to UAB.)
m. Non-Academic Employment (If applicable; example: Hospital Appointment)
n. Degrees (This field is locked. Changes must be request from your HR representative.)
o. Certifications
p. Postgraduate training (For some, this is pulled from UAB credentialing.)
q. Language Competences (if applicable)
r. Mailing Addresses (not required, currently for internal use only, future enhancements planned)
s. Web addresses and social media. (If you are a clinical provider, your profile link has been imported. Please add other personal web addresses such as your lab web site, or social media that you use for professional purposes.)
t. Publications (You should have already claimed/rejected these from the “My Actions” section in Step 2.)
u. Professional Activities (This will not be displayed on Scholars@UAB at this time.)
v. Teaching Activities (These are imported from Banner. Additional teaching can be entered here as well.)
w. Grants (This data pulls from OSP. Only awarded grants will show externally in Scholars@UAB.)