August 05, 2013

Nephrology’s Randall named July Employee of the Month

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Barbie Randall sEveryone has good days and bad days. Barbie Randall’s goal always is to “make it a great day.”

Randall, an administrative associate and clinical coordinator in the Division of Nephrology, has the phrase as part of her email signature — and it’s a declaration she tries to live out each day.

“Barbie is a leader,” says Amber Sinclair, administrative support specialist in Policies & Standards Resources. “She is the type of person who keeps positive comments flowing and always encourages others to do their best, even in the face of adversity. She always tries to motivate others and urges them to see the silver lining in all situations.”

Randall’s leadership, positive encouragement and abilities are a few reasons she was selected Employee of the Month for July.

“We have a choice each day,” Randall says. “We can have a positive attitude and a smile that can help brighten someone’s day, or we can have a negative attitude that causes others to want to go the opposite direction when they see us coming. We must understand that kindness, patience and respect are traits that can diffuse a person who is unhappy or irate. Once this is accomplished, you can get to the root of the problem and work toward a resolution.”

Randall is the supervisor of seven administrative assistants in nephrology and also coordinates the schedules and clinical duties for physicians Michael Allon, M.D., Zipporah Krishnasami, M.D., and Eric Wallace, M.D.

Nephrology co-workers praise Randall for her outstanding work performance.

“Barbie is very conscientious of time and attendance and is committed to performing the best job possible,” says Lyn Bradshaw, division administrator and Randall’s supervisor. “In addition to her administrative duties for three physicians, she provides training and support for other divisional secretaries. She led the nephrology team to be successful during the IMPACT roll-out through tireless work. She inspires others through her behavior to be the best they can be.”

One of Randall’s favorite aspects of the job is interacting with patients, and she tries to be a positive influence.

“We provide a very important service at UAB, and our patients need to know that we have genuine concern for them,” Randall says. “They can see it in our actions and expressions and hear it in our conversations.

“The purpose of my job is more than just a paycheck,” Randall says. “It’s also to help and encourage others.” 

  “We provide a very important service at UAB, and our patients need to know that we have genuine concern for them," Randall said. "They can see it in our actions and expressions and hear it in our conversations."
Co-workers say Randall displays this passion each day.

“She dedicates her time to her patients and co-workers with a passion rarely seen in others,” says Brandy Monteabaro, an administrative office specialist in nephrology. “She is quick to give praise to others and ensure they are recognized for their efforts, even though she never draws attention to her own amazing abilities and efforts within the division.”

Indeed, Randall heaps praise on her co-workers. She marvels at their own abilities and their willingness to help others and each other. After all, Randall has worked in nephrology her entire 15 years at UAB, and she says the people she works with are a big reason.

“I’ve been blessed to work with a great group of people, and we work really well together,” Randall says. “We can depend on each other. It’s an outstanding organization that provides opportunity and growth for every employee and the tools to be successful. I’m truly thankful to everyone for the kind words and support in this awesome honor.”