The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Education recently honored its students and alumni at its annual awards day ceremony.

May 28, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Education recently honored its students and alumni at its annual awards day ceremony.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction


  • Outstanding Master's Student, Secondary Education: Ashley McDuff Cacioppo


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Early Childhood Education: Octavia Evans
  • Outstanding Fifth-Year Student, Early Childhood Education: Suzanne Gerakines
  • Outstanding Alternative Fifth-Year Student, Elementary Education: Michelle L. Joseph
  • Outstanding Fifth-Year Student, P-6 Education: Leah Salter
  • Outstanding Fifth-Year Student, Secondary Education: Melany Morgan
  • Outstanding Fifth-Year Student, English as a Second Language: Tyler Bryant
  • Outstanding Master's Student, P-6 Education: Elizabeth Wyatt
  • Outstanding Master's Student, Non-Certification, English as a Second Language: Luz Dingledy
  • Outstanding Educational Specialist, Secondary Education: Shannon R. Marks
  • Outstanding Alumni, P-6 Education: Delyne D. Hicks
  • Outstanding Service Award, P-6 Education: Eleanor V. Stokes, principal, Epic Elementary School


  • Outstanding Master's Student, Elementary Education: Mindy Hermecz


  • Outstanding Alumni, English as a Second Language: Jennifer H. Williams


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, P-6 Education: Jamie Cherneski


  • Outstanding Master's Student, Early Childhood Education: Raine Greene


  • Outstanding Educational Specialist, Early Childhood Education: Jennifer Gault
  • Outstanding Service Award: Kathleen Wheaton, principal, Berry Middle School


  • Outstanding Honor Student, Urban Teacher Enhancement Program: Sundra Hicks


  • Outstanding Master's Student, English as a Second Language: Karen S. Hill


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Elementary Education: Anne-Marie Allenback


  • Outstanding A.A. Degree Student, Early Childhood Education: Daina B. Singletary


  • Outstanding Doctoral Student, Early Childhood Education: Laura Bloom

Pleasant Grove

  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Secondary Education: Allison Moore


  • Outstanding Alumni, Lawrence W. Vickers: superintendent, Saraland Schools

Department of Human Studies


  • Outstanding Fifth-Year Physical Education Teacher Certification Student: Bobby Cummings Jr.


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Physical Education, Teacher Certification: Laura Vines
  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Fitness Leadership: Brian Ly
  • Outstanding Master's Student, Health Education: Lindsey Westbrook
  • Outstanding Master's Student, Exercise Physiology: Shanna Killebrew
  • Outstanding Master's Student, Physical Education: Amanda Hayes
  • Outstanding Alumni, Health Education: Jason Fulmore, Ph.D.
  • Outstanding Student Counseling Alumni: Cindy Wiley
  • Outstanding Community/Agency Concentration, Alumni: Jason Branch


  • Outstanding Community/Agency Student, Counselor Education: Valeri Cowart


  • Outstanding Doctoral Student, Health Education: Shauntice Allen


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Health Education: Rachel Heath


  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Exercise Science: Sharon Prall

Pleasant Grove

  • Outstanding Rehabilitation Student, Counselor Education: Yvonne M. Gaines

Vestavia Hills

  • Outstanding Educational Specialist, Physical Education, Ginger Aaron

Department of Leadership, Special Education and Foundations


  • Outstanding Master's Student, Education Leadership: Alicia Sims Bailey
  • Outstanding Master's Student in Visual Impairments, Special Education: Barbara Wilfong Fletcher


  • Outstanding Master's Student in Collaborative Teaching, Special Education: Elizabeth Stewart


  • Outstanding Educational Specialist, Education Leadership: Jennifer Willingham


  • Outstanding Undergraduate in Collaborative Teaching, Special Education: Kathryn J. Lunsford


  • Outstanding Alumni, Special Education: Ellen Bowman


  • Outstanding Doctoral Student, Education Leadership: Ronald Dodson

Washington D.C.

  • Outstanding Alumni, Education Leadership: Jennifer Fritschi, Verizon Foundation Development and State Education Network

Pathfinders of the Year


  • Ashley Adger Shipper

Pleasant Grove

  • Allison Moore

The awards ceremony took place Tuesday, April 27 at Vulcan Park and Museum.

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