Please note that we have moved to the 7th floor of the Bevill Research Building (rooms 709/715). Consultations prior to initiation of work in TMPL and/or discussions about collected data will be generally carried out by Zoom, phone or email. In person meetings are possible but must be agreed upon ahead of time.

Investigators who want to have samples analyzed should first contact Landon Wilson ( for protein chemistry and metabolomics/lipidomics, or Taylor Berryhill ( or Caroline Andrews (  for targeted, small molecule assays.

Deliveries, once agreed to, should be to the refrigerator in the outer room of room 715 (to the right of the service elevator). For frozen specimens, it is essential that the members of the TMPL lab know in advance since it will be necessary to transfer them to the -80oC freezers.  Prior to delivery, it is required that investigators fill out an electronic sample drop off form, including a specific date & time, to coordinate sample transfer between labs.

Sample analyses will be generally limited to those for which assay procedures already exist (see the TMPL website). Dr. Barnes will locate laboratories outside UAB who able to do specialized work not possible in TMPL at this time. New assay development is possible but will involve investigator expense prior to analysis of project samples. Please contact Dr. Barnes ( or Landon Wilson for further information on new assay development.

Thank you for your patience and we trust that you all continue to keep well during the crisis. Feel free to contact Dr. Barnes at if you have any questions.