UAB Human Resources has made several changes to the New Employee Orientation process – and one of the most significant and helpful is the New Employee Master Checklist.

The checklist enables new employees to make certain they have completed everything necessary for a successful start in their new career at UAB. All supervisors and managers should schedule a short meeting with their new employees to ensure they have completed the items on the list, and to answer any questions new employees might have concerning departmental procedures for vacation, sick time or other topics.

This also would be an excellent time to introduce new employees to the physical layout of the office and lunch options, as well as to cover other topics specific to the department and the new employee.

This checklist and the subsequent meeting with the supervisor will create a much smoother and more effective integration of the new employee into the UAB workforce. Supervisors can find the checklist on line at the Human Resources Web site. Click on “all printable forms,” then look for the list under Organizational Development.