Elections were held to select a new chair-elect and secretary of the UAB Faculty Senate plus academic unit representatives and their alternates for the June 1 to May 31, 2009 term.

Associate Professor Mark Lockhart, M.D., will become chair-elect and Senior Assistant Librarian Jennifer Long (Mervyn Sterne Library) will remain secretary in the new term. Chair-elect Warren Martin, Ph.D., will replace outgoing Chair Pat Greenup, Ph.D.

Elected senators for the new term are Professor David Chhieng, M.D., Academic Health Center Joint Departments; Associate Professor Thomas Winokur, M.D., Academic Health Center Joint Departments; Associate Professor Gale Temple, Ph.D., Arts & Humanities; Professor Seung-Dong Lee, Ph.D., Business; Professor John Coke, D.D.S., Dentistry; Associate Professor Retta Evans, Ph.D., Education; Professor Sally Anne McInerny, Ph.D., Engineering; Associate Professor Kay Clements (Health Professions), Assistant Professor Liz Lorbeer (Lister Hill Library), Assistant Professor Ivan Maya, M.D., Medicine; Associate Professor Robert Holley, M.D., Medicine; Assistant Professor Rakesh Kapoor, Ph.D., Natural Sciences & Mathematics; Assistant Professor Anthony Roberson, Ph.D., Nursing; Associate Professor Michael Loop, Ph.D., Optometry; and Assistant Professor Sadeep Shrestha, Ph.D., Public Health.

Alternate senators for the new term are Associate Professor Helen Kim, Ph.D., Academic Health Center Joint Departments; Assistant Professor Omar Hameed, M.D., Academic Health Center Joint Departments; Assistant Professor John Moore, Ph.D., Arts & Humanities; Associate Professor Philip Musa, Ph.D., Business; Associate Professor Madelyn Coar, D.M.D., Dentistry; Assistant Professor Linda Foster, Ph.D., Education; Assistant Professor Hassan Moore, Ph.D., Engineering; Assistant Professor Kathleen Foley, Ph.D., Health Professions; Assistant Professor Gabe Rios, Lister Hill Library; Assistant Professor Baljendra Kapoor, M.D., Medicine; Assistant Professor Erik Busby, M.D., Medicine; Assistant Professor Purushotham Bangalore, Ph.D., Natural Sciences & Mathematics; Professor Ellen Buckner, D.S.N., Nursing; Professor John Classe, O.D., Optometry; and Assistant Professor Meredith Kilgore, Ph.D., Public Health.

Elected representatives to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee for the new term are Professor Stephen Moser, Ph.D., Academic Health Center Joint Departments; Professor Eduardo Neiva, Ph.D., Arts & Humanities; Assistant Professor Laura Hughes, M.D., Medicine; and Associate Professor Michael Loop, Ph.D., Optometry.

The names of the senator and alternate senator representing Social & Behavioral Sciences were not available at press time; neither was that of the school's FPPC representative.

Please visit the Faculty Senate Web site for more information.