The overall results of UAB's first Faculty and Staff Climate Survey are in, and they show that UAB exceeds the higher education norm in 20 out of the 24 items for which a norm is available.

The survey, administered Sept. 21-Oct. 4 by HR Solutions Inc., also revealed at an overall level that UAB has the opportunity to improve in offering its faculty and staff opportunities for development, growth and reward, said Chief Human Resources Officer Alesia Jones. Detailed results at the school and administrative unit are not yet available. UAB Health System and hospital staff are not included in this poll; their own surveys were completed on a different timetable. (Note: Many UAB faculty physicians had the opportunity to participate in another survey due to joint appointments.)

"Out of those responding to the survey, 76 percent said they were ‘all in all' satisfied with their job, versus a higher education norm of 72 percent and a national norm of 74 percent," Jones said. "In answer to ‘good place to work' question, our faculty and staff again had a 76 percent positive response rate versus a higher education norm of 63 percent and a national norm of 72 percent.

"In particular, people responded that they find their work interesting and that their jobs make good use of their skills and abilities," said Jones. "The response was also significantly positive in terms of people being able to perform their jobs in a safe work environment.

"At the charge of President Carol Garrison, Human Resources will work with UAB administration to further explore the issues of compensation and career advancement," Jones said.

Jones said 7,558 surveys were distributed to 7,282 full-time and 276 part-time employees. There was a 45 percent total participation rate, lower than the 60 to 70 percent rate typically seen by the firm that managed the survey. A total of 895 (42 percent) faculty and 2,528 (47 percent) staff responded. UAB's survey results were compared to those of a group of universities that included Harvard, Loyola, Ohio State and the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

A link to overall survey results can be found on the UAB Human Resources website at UAB HR will be working with deans and vice presidents to roll out more detailed results in specific areas in the coming months.