UAB Magazine Fall 2009


This week, UAB Magazine's special 40th anniversary issue looks at genes (and Genes) in all of their many forms and functions, including:

• a coach who outfoxed his opponents on the court;

• gene therapists who are faking out cancer with custom-made viruses;

• scientists who beat the herpes virus at its own game;

• researchers who are crushing cystic fibrosis by repairing and replacing broken genes; and

• dentists who fended off back pain and fatigue with a new approach to patient care.


The online edition of UAB Magazine also has several exclusive features, including a new photo gallery of classic memories from UAB Archives, UAB's first viral video and future predictions from a panel of UAB experts.

Check back each weekday from now through November 16 as we unveil new breakthroughs and other exclusive online content.




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