Spring/Summer 2013 issue of UAB Magazine

The opportunity of a lifetime with President Ray Watts, selling UAB in the 21st century, building innovation through chaos, and the challenge of designing safer highways.

Fall 2012 issue of UAB Magazine

The past, present and future of the AIDS epidemic in the United States, remembering Coach Bartow, a bestselling author discusses her motivation, and more.



Fall/Winter 2011 issue of UAB Magazine

Seeing the world through the eyes of UAB students, going behind bars with UAB faculty, and exploring the dark powers of nicotine with UAB researchers.



Spring 2011 issue of UAB Magazine

The dangers of inflammation, a visit to UAB's new ArtPlay house, reflections from the Clinical Pastoral Education program, and a glimpse at the campus of the future.



Fall 2010 issue of UAB Magazine

UAB undergraduates embark on great adventures, UAB researchers search for answers to autism and new therapies for stroke, and UAB alums get creative.



Spring 2010 issue of UAB Magazine

Exploring eight great unanswered questions, the UAB Women and Infants Center, and UAB's work on a new breed of crash-test dummy.



Fall 2009 issue of UAB Magazine (special issue)

A special edition celebrating UAB's 40th anniversary by recapping 40 university breakthroughs, from AIDS research to art in the outdoors.



Winter 2009 issue of UAB Magazine

The super powers of sugar, medicine in extreme conditions, higher education in China, the problems of pain, and a look at UAB's Gospel Choir.



Summer 2008 issue of UAB Magazine

The white knight of spam-busting, UAB's new opera director, the faces of design, the lessons of Pompeii, and a UAB student's experience with urban-farming. This online-only issue features videos, slideshows, and more.


Spring 2008 issue of UAB Magazine

Taking a closer look at aging and the end of life as we know it

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