April 19, 2011

UAB student wins Ford Foundation Fellowship

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Christophe E. Jackson, a doctoral student in the Department of Biology, has been awarded a 2011 Ford Foundation Fellowship in its dissertation competition. The fellowship is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies.  

Jackson, a native of Montgomery, is working across the disciplines of biology, physiology, physics and music. He is focusing on the translation of scientific investigation into clinical application for specialized care to performing artists. His research compares the vocal endurance, quality and efficiency of trained and untrained singers on-site immediately before and after voice use. In order to facilitate his research, he designed and constructed a Portable Sound Box (PSB) for on-site voice recording in response to the need for controlled portable acoustical measurement.

Jackson plans to work in preventive and reconstructive performance arts medicine. His goal is to become an ear, nose and throat surgeon, with a focus on specialized care to performing artists, while continuing to perform professionally as a pianist.

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