July 26, 2011

Graduate student gets rare invite to present poster

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Bredemann_siteTeruko Bredemann, a recent graduate student in the UAB Department of Psychology, has received an American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Travel Award for 2011. Bredemann will present a poster about her research on the effects of estrogen on stress resilience at the annual ACNP convention in December.

“This award means so much to me because the ACNP meeting is an exclusive meeting for psychiatrists from around the world. Usually, to attend this meeting an ACNP member must formally invite you,” says Bredemann. “At first I was reluctant to apply because these awards most often are given to junior faculty. Seldom do grad students win, and I still can’t believe I was chosen.”

Bredemann was selected from a field of more than 300 applicants. It is her second Travel Award in 2011. She represented the state as a peer-to-peer coordinator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) convention in July.

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