August 07, 2012

UAB to offer several campaign-related courses

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laptop_classroom_storyThis fall, as the country gears into full-fledge presidential election mode, UAB professors will teach the nuts and bolts of campaigns, presidency, leadership and a hodgepodge of interesting courses.

Here is a roundup of campaign-themed classes available to whet your political whistle.

  • PSC 101: Introduction to American Government
  • PSC 170: Campaigns and Elections 2012
  • PSC 332: The American Presidency
  • PSC 498: Public Service Internships
  • DCS 391: Digital Storytelling (Digital Communications Studies)
  • DCS 450: Media and Public Service
  • CM 455: Seminar in Political Communication
  • MC 493: Presidential Politics: 2012 (Course offered by former FOX 6 anchor Rick Journey)
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