Susan Hendricks gives us a look at volunteers using animal therapy for adults and children with cancer.
The grant will be used by ASU and the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) to develop a pool of scientists to conduct community-based research in ways to reduce those disparities.
A UAB study finds that minorities with diabetes have a high rate of diabetic retinopathy, a potentially blinding eye disease, and that telemedicine might be a good way to address that condition.
More than 500 volunteers provide dental care at an event like very few around the country.
Featuring UAB Concert and Chamber choirs and Brass Ensembles with area high school choirs, the performance will include traditional holiday favorites.
The potential application to diabetes arises from the discovery by Dr. Anath Shalev of the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) that verapamil lowers the level of the protein TXNIP in pancreatic beta cells.
ArtPlay offers everything from family classes for toddlers to dance, acting, sculpture, drawing, music, writing, fabric arts and more, for any age group.
"Though the decision to screen or not to screen needs to be individualized for each patient, the potential to detect the disease early offers the best chance of cure. There have been significant concerns about the impact screening will have on our health system and without question its introduction will be complex and require a multidisciplinary approach," said Mark Dransfield, M.D., associate professor, division of pulmonary, allergy and critical care medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also the medical director of the UAB Lung Health Center.
While enrollment exceeded expectations in Alabama, those expectations were low because they factored in Alabama's decision not to expand Medicaid, a central part of Obamacare's strategy to get everyone covered.
New research conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has shown that the common blood pressure drug verapamil completely reverses type 1 diabetes in animal models. Now, with the help of a three-year, $2.1 million grant from the JDRF, UAB researchers will begin conducting a clinical trial in 2015 to see if it can do the same in humans.
The top five hospitals by number of licensed beds are: 1. UAB Hospital-1,118
The University of Alabama at Birmingham is postponing all university travel to Sierra Leone, Guinea or Liberia until further notice because of the Ebola virus disease outbreak.
Officials say the partnership is aimed at supporting junior faculty members and developing a pipeline of researchers who are committed to probing disparities in minority cancer rates.
University of Alabama at Birmingham officials say the school will use a federal grant to help train ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to pursue careers in neuroscience.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business will soon begin operating an innovation lab within the Innovation Depot. The lab will serve as collaborative teaching space to help students expand their entrepreneurial thinking.
ABC 33/40 has learned a new study at UAB is designed to help members of the military. The project called "The Brave Initiative" is aimed at treating traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are often the result of a bomb blast.
"Crowdfunding is a remarkable tool for making big ideas a reality," Shirley Salloway Kahn, UAB senior vice president of development, alumni and external relations, said in the release. "Everyone can play a role in making history at UAB in ways big and small. With just a click, you can give something and change everything."
In “Command & Control,” the second novel by Stephen Russell, fictional retired orthopedic surgeon Mackie McKay finds himself in the middle of an infectious disease outbreak — with Ebola as a backdrop.
The UAB Cancer Center and Alabama State University receive $1.5 million NIH grant to create partnership and reduce cancer health disparities.
The addition of five new research scientists takes UAB’s Department of Anesthesiology to new heights.
Crowdfunding platform developed to help faculty, staff and students secure financial support for special projects.
Best of 2014 2
Injured military personnel to benefit from unique set of therapies offered at UAB.
Experts from leading organizations in employee health will present at the conference Nov. 21 at the UAB Alumni House.
Dr. Joseph R. Biggio Jr. has been delivering babies for 15 years and heads the division of maternal and fetal medicine within the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He said he has partnered with several CNMs at the university’s hospital and vouches for their care. He said he is not attacking midwives, though he does question the scope of their training. His main problem is the birth venue — at home — and the time it takes to transfer a woman to a hospital in an emergency.
'We have previously shown that verapamil can prevent diabetes and even reverse the disease in mouse models and reduce TXNIP in human islet beta cells, suggesting that it may have beneficial effects in humans as well,' said Anath Shalev,of UAB's Comprehensive Diabetes Center, who is leading the trial.
he Ebola drill was conducted by UAB and the Birmingham Fire Department. It started with a walk-in patient at the Kirklin Clinic.
The UAB School of Health Professions continues to expand into international education and names two faculty to leadership positions.
New UAB Innovation Lab Hosts Open House on Nov. 13.
Seven nonprofit groups are set to implement their ideas after the Community Health Innovation Awards provided funding for their winning proposals.
Maryann Manning was a renowned expert in reading and writing instruction and integrated curriculum.
UAB plans to open BBVA Compass Field in fall 2015.
Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases need bone marrow transplants and only 30 percent find matches within their families.
This contemporary take on Donizetti’s tale of romance and reversal of fortune features award-winning student performers from an array of majors.
The UAB School of Dentistry and Nursing is holding their second annual "UAB Dentistry Cares Day". It is a charitable event where UAB's volunteer team treats basic dental needs of homeless and underserved people in our community at no cost.
From The L.A. Times
The real story of breast cancer in 2014 is all about nuances, the search to unlock the complexities of cancer etiologies, and develop treatments that will target specific cancer sub-types. In labs around the globe, scientists are investigating an array of novel approaches to outwitting each type: immunotherapy isn't the same as the targeting of biomarkers or manipulation of tumor microenvironments, said Cynthia Ryan.

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers are explaining why there are concerns with the end-to-end security of an increasingly popular means of communication, and what users can do to defend against potential threats.
In 2001, Christine Skibola, Ph.D., now a professor of epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, joined forces with a small group seeking a large goal -- discovery of genetic and environmental links to the white blood cell tumors that collectively are called lymphomas.
"We have previously shown that verapamil can prevent diabetes and even reverse the disease in mouse models and reduce TXNIP in human islet beta cells, suggesting that it may have beneficial effects in humans as well," Dr. Anath Shalev, director of UAB's Comprehensive Diabetes Center and principal investigator of the verapamil clinical trial.
Come early to grab a seat for this free concert, which will feature 13 all-new, original student compositions with video and video games.
Dr. David Schwebel, one of the study’s authors, says the benefits of sports and recreational activities usually outweigh the risks for kids. “We should continue to preach safety in activities that are organized and activities that are unorganized,” he said in a statement. “I think it’s the task of parents, coaches, school administrators and even children themselves to be wary that injuries can and do occur and that most are preventable.”

UAB researchers identify fundamental problems with a popular technology for securing communications over the Internet and reveal automated mimicry attacks that enable wiretapping.

Epidemiology and genomics teased out genetic and environmental links to the white blood cell tumors called lymphomas
The “repurposing of verapamil as a beta cell survival therapy in type 1 diabetes” trial will test an approach different from any current diabetes treatment.
From The Washington Post
Hunt’s background is as unique as his music. He learned how to make stadiums scream not as a stage performer, but as a quarterback at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “I’ve always craved winning,” Hunt says. “It’s just easier in sports, because there’s a scoreboard.”
From MedScape
There is no proof that the improvement from 2000 to 2005 "is related to lung protective ventilation, but we knew it improved outcomes based on randomized controlled trials," said William Stigler Jr., MD, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, who attended the session. The hypothesis, therefore, "is certainly reasonable," he added.
The shift in time, does not just interfere with your brunch plans, but can also have a large impact on one's body clock and overall health and can cost us in low productivity.
Kristen Triebel and Daniel Marson, professors in the Neurology Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, study how dementia affects money management skills. They have identified several warning signs a person may exhibit during the early stages of dementia.
Earlier this year, the National Institutes of Health invested $35 million over five years to establish the Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The center, in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, will develop drugs for influenza, dengue fever, West Nile virus, SARS, MERS and chikungunya.
The Alliance for Innovative Medical Technology - AIMTech, for short - aims to connect UAB's biomedical engineers and clinicians with SRI's experts at bringing a device to market.
Flu season can peak as early as December, so now is the time to protect against it by receiving a flu vaccine. Find out what UAB doctors say is important to know.
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