The eReporter is a twice-weekly newsletter for distributing news, time-sensitive information and reminders to all UAB employees with a BlazerID. The eReporter is distributed through email (from UAB News & Information) before the start of business each Tuesday and Friday. It is the university's preferred method for bulk-message distribution.

Deadline for submission

10 a.m. Monday for the Tuesday issue.
10 a.m. Tuesday for the Friday issue.

To subscribe (non-employees)
Send an email to and type Subscribe in the body; an email requesting confirmation will be sent to you.

To unsubscribe (non-employees)
Send an email to

Managers are asked to print and post copies of The eReporter for employees who may not have access to e-mail during the work day.


Because the university is committed to the principle of prompt and open communication with its employees, the UAB News & Information Update system is designed to distribute news and updates to all UAB faculty and staff with a BlazerID, without exception.

We understand that you may choose to delete the messages you receive from this account; however, we would encourage you read it regularly so you will not miss important matters of policy and events affecting the entire campus that will be communicated through The eReporter.

There are only two reasons that would happen: either you have subscribed using a address or you are still active in the UAB HR database.

To unsubscribe from your personal Internet service send a blank email to EREPORTER-unsubscribe-request@LISTSERV.UAB.EDU from that account.

If you still are identified as an employee in the Campus Directory, please contact the department in which you were employed and ask that your status be changed to reflect your departure. The mailing list is auto-generated from the employee database, which our staff cannot alter.

The eReporter has no background color. However, some subscribers who view it using Yahoo! mail have reported this issue. It is best viewed using a mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Entourage.

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