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UAB's web presence is its public face. It communicates our image and identity. It affects our ability to recruit and retain the best students, faculty, and staff, and it is critical to our ability to fulfill our mission.

Web Communications is charged with maintaining an online strategy and a clear set of best practices to simplify access, navigation, and search; promote high-quality web design; incorporate social networking; and provide security.

Why? Because a cohesive web presence and a strong visual link with the UAB brand add strength to your message and reassure visitors. More important, they enable you to focus on delivering content that is timely, relevant, and interesting.

As the responsible web administrator, you likely have questions that span various areas of expertise. We work closely with UAB Information Technology to provide resources and services central to maintaining the excellence that is consistent with the UAB brand.

Plan your Site

Planning your Site

A site plan will help you create a site that meets your needs and the needs of your visitors. By taking the time at the beginning to draft a plan, you can avoid pitfalls and make sure you have the content needed to get your site off the ground.

Learn Joomla

Learn Joomla

This section is home to our video tutorial collection, workshop registration, and the Joomla manual that describes how to edit new UAB sites.



Web Communications offers a variety of support options for UAB Joomla sites. Need technical assistance? We are ready to help.