Ajanet Rountree spotlights women leading the charge for peace and human rights
By Jess Simpson • Photo by Steve Wood
Fire and Ice
Hockey club wins respect while scoring victories
By Emily Krawczyk • Photos and video by Jeff Myers, Laura Thomas, and Steve Wood
The Power of One
Precision medicine unlocks the answers inside you
By Matt Windsor and Charles Buchanan • Illustrations by Christopher Davis • Photos by Steve Wood • Web design by Tyler Bryant
The Ethics of Genetics
What will you do with my sample?
By Matt Windsor • Photo by Steve Wood
UAB finds hope amid the opioid crisis
By Erin Shaw Street • Photos by Steve Wood
Strength of Spirit
Tough training and a love for UAB lift cheerleaders and Golden Girls
By Cary Estes • Photos by Jimmy Mitchell/UAB Athletics • Historical photo courtesy of UAB Archives
Paper Trail
The Kaleidoscope marks 50 years of reporting the news
By Clair McLafferty • Photos by Kenzie Greer • Historical images courtesy of UAB Archives
Second Language, First Priority
Students learn how to teach English everywhere
By Gail Allyn Short • Photo by Steve Wood
Starting Small
Unique internship grows careers and companies
By Rosalind Fournier • Photos by Steve Wood
Casting the Net for Crooks
Undergraduates fight on cybercrime’s front lines
By Josh Beech
All Smiles
Mark Abere is on a mission to help patients look and feel better
By Kelley Freund • Photo by Steve Wood
Lifting Up Leaders
Health-care executives recall their UAB roots
By Carla Jean Whitley • Illustrations by Chiharu Roach
Food for Thought
Blazer Kitchen fights hidden hunger on campus
By Gail Allyn Short • Photo by Steve Wood
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