Along with providing Internet access, UAB libraries use the Web as a tool to connect students and faculty with their collections. You can even find the libraries on Facebook and Twitter.

2. The library wants to be your friend.

UAB’s libraries know how to network. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and blogs. Stephens says that social networks offer new outlets for library services in a student-rich environment. “These networks are basically where students live and work,” he says, “and we can embed links directly to us or to our collection.”
“They’ve increased the ease with which people can get in touch with us for assistance, as well as the ways that we can put information in front of people,” adds Plutchak. But face-to-face networking still plays a crucial role, he says. Lister Hill librarians spend “significant time” outside the library, meeting with students and faculty in their classrooms and offices to let them know about library resources.

3. The library is open when your laptop is

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