Doug Barrett


Style and Substance: Doug Barrett, assistant professor of graphic design, says he loves “being on the street, with the noises, the vibrations, and the people walking by.” The new facility also helps him bond with the rest of the department, Barrett says. “I really love the studio spaces because they create a community,” he explains. “It’s interesting to see people come and go and see what everyone else is working on. The studios definitely create an energy or vibe that makes you want to go there and do work.”

The natural light streaming in is another bonus, he notes. “You get a real sense of time passing that I think helps with the work.”


Motion Capture: Barrett’s art follows two tracks. “I am very involved in the ‘Design for Good’ initiative and doing design work for small, underserved communities in the area,” which often results in pieces such as brochures or design documents that are used for grant-writing purposes, he explains. Recent examples include projects with Alabama’s Bibb County, the Cahaba River Society, and the East Alabama Tourism Commission.

“The second track is what people typically see in the studio,” Barrett adds. “I have always been very fascinated with how public spaces get constructed, specifically how things like signage, billboards, and graffiti point to the visual culture embedded in our surroundings.”

Learn more about Barrett and see additional examples of his work here

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