In addition to the above procedures, off-campus partners should:

  • Have a signed contract on file.
  • Have an updated Organizational Description on file.
  • Complete hiring paperwork for students with the UAB Student Financial Aid Office.
  • Students can obtain a referral form from the Student Financial Aid Office.
    • Students will take the form to their off-campus employer for supervisor signatures.
    • Students should return the signed form to the Student Financial Aid Office at least one week prior to their anticipated start date.
    • The Student Financial Aid Office will communicate with the student and employer once all hiring documents have been processed and approved and the student is active in the system. Students are not permitted to work until they have received notification.
  • Have a KRONOS Acknowledgement Form on file.
  • Submit a copy of the signed KRONOS timesheet to the Student Financial Aid Office by 9:30 a.m. on the Monday immediately following the end of a pay period. Timesheets must be submitted directly from the employer by email, fax, or in a sealed envelope.
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