Work-Study request Form
Employers must submit a Work-Study Request Form to the Office of Student Financial Aid. The form includes departmental information, job title, and description of duties.

Handshake is UAB’s online recruiting system that allows students access to search and apply for positions, including work-study jobs. To advertise an open work-study job, employers should post the position in Handshake.

  • If a department does not have a Handshake employer account, one can be created. On-campus employers should include “UAB” in front of their department name.
  • To post a job, log into your Handshake account. Select Jobs > Create Job and indicate that the position is a work-study job. Employers can indicate what documents are required to apply and if/how students are interviewed.
    • All students can view work-study positions. Employers are encouraged to indicate in the job title and description that the position is only open to students who have a work-study offer.
  • Employers should request a copy of a student’s work-study offer prior to interviewing or hiring a student.
  • Once an employer has selected a student(s) to fill the position, they should contact the new hire by phone or email. Employers should mark selected students as hired and decline any students they have not selected within Handshake. Finally, employers should expire the work-study job posting in Handshake.

  • Hiring a Student

    1. ACT document
      The hiring department will submit an ACT document through Oracle for each work-study student. A copy of the ACT document should be sent to the Financial Aid Office for review.
      • Document reason:
        • New Hire: Students who have not previously held an employee position at UAB
        • Transfer: Work-study students who are transferring from another department or from an 06-Student Assistant to an 11-Federal Work Study position
        • Rehire: Students who have been previously employed at UAB but do not have an active assignment
        • Additional Assignment: Students with an existing student position who would like to add a work-study assignment. Students can only have one active work-study assignment at any given time.
      • Effective date: The effective date must match the hire date listed on the Work-Study Placement Form. If the student is transferring from another department or from a 06-Student Assistant to an 11-Federal Work Study position, the effective date must be the first day of a pay-period.
      • Assignment category: 11 Federal Work Study
    2. Placement Form
      A Work-Study Placement Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office for each student. The Student Financial Aid Office will review and approve hires upon receipt of all documentation, including a copy of the ACT Document and a Work-Study Placement Form. Students are not permitted to work until all hiring paperwork has been processed and approved through the Student Financial Aid Office and UAB HR.

  • Terminating a Student

    End of assignment
    If a student is ending their primary assignment with an employer for any reason but has another active assignment, the employer will submit an ACT End of Assignment Document through Oracle. If a student is ending their work-study job and does not have an additional active assignment, the employer will submit an ACT Termination Document through Oracle.

    Exhausted funding and not returning
    If a student has exhausted his or her work-study funding and will not be returning to the work-study position in a future term, the employer will submit an ACT Termination or End of Assignment Document through Oracle.

    If a student is being dismissed from their work-study position for performance-related issues, the employer will submit an ACT Termination or End of Assignment Document through Oracle and should notify the Student Financial Aid Office of the dismissal.

  • KRONOS Timekeeping and Pay Periods
    • If a student has multiple job assignments, the work-study position should be listed as his or her primary assignment.
    • Students should clock in and out through KRONOS for their work-study positions on a designated computer in the employer’s office. Study breaks and lunch breaks are not considered working time. KRONOS can be accessed at
    • Students should not work more than eight hours in one day. Students should not exceed 37 total hours of work per week. Work in any other student job assignments is included in the weekly total.
    • Students should verify their hours in KRONOS at the end of each pay period and notify their supervisor in writing of any timekeeping errors or adjustments that need to be made.
    • Employers should approve work-study students’ timecards in KRONOS on the Monday immediately following the end of a pay period. KRONOS time will feed into the student’s TEL document automatically. Additional KRONOS Time Keeping Resources can be found here.
    • If a student’s work-study position is not their primary assignment, the employer must manually enter the student’s work-study hours in TEL each pay period.
    • The Work-Study Program follows the same payroll schedule as the University.
      • Students can begin earning work-study funds in the first full pay period that occurs in the fall semester.
      • The final full pay period that occurs in the spring semester (for fall/spring work-study students) or the summer semester (for students with summer work-study funds) is the last pay period a work-study student can earn work-study funds.
      • Students may work over the breaks between the fall and spring semester or spring and summer semester if they are enrolled at least half-time in both respective semesters and have remaining work-study funds. Work-study funds are not available to students in the break between the summer and fall terms.
    • Direct deposit: Work-study students will receive a biweekly paycheck for their hours worked. Pay is direct deposited to the student’s bank account on the Friday following the close of a pay period. Students can set up and manage their direct deposit through the Self-Service Applications in Oracle. To access, visit > Oracle HR & Finance > UAB Self Service Applications > Manage Direct Deposit Account.

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