• Be punctual, dependable, and demonstrate a good attitude toward your job.
  • Provide your supervisor with a class schedule to determine appropriate work hours. Students must be enrolled at least half-time each semester (six or more hours for undergraduate students and five or more hours for graduate students) to be eligible for work-study. Students are not permitted to work during scheduled class time.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be eligible for federal financial aid, including work-study funding.
  • Familiarize yourself with office policies and protocol including but not limited to dress codes, appropriate conduct, and consequences for failure to adhere to policies.
  • Clock in and out of KRONOS each shift. Students should only clock in for working time. Students should not record any working time for lunch or study breaks.
  • Students should submit any KRONOS errors or time corrections to their supervisor daily.
  • Students should not work more than eight hours in one day. Students should not exceed 37 total hours of work per week. Work in any other student job assignments is included in the weekly total.
  • Students who access confidential information should comply with FERPA and HIPAA standards. Students should complete FERPA/HIPAA training and sign a confidentiality agreement when necessary.
  • Requests for time off should be submitted in a timely manner as indicated by the employer. In case of illness or emergency, students should notify the employer promptly.
  • Students should notify their employers at least two weeks prior to leaving a work-study position.
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