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The new program will tackle cases where a diagnosis has not been made despite extensive efforts by the referring physician.
World-renowned scientists search for ways to prevent acute kidney failure and improve management of the disease.
Molecular events that form such “reward memories” appear to differ from those created by drug addiction, despite the popular theory that addiction hijacks normal reward pathways.
A joint project of the School of Medicine at UAB and the University of Minnesota Medical School will create the National Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for African-American Men’s Health.
Leading immunologists, including a Nobel winner and a Lasker Prize awardee, gathered at the UAB campus in June for the second annual Spring Immunology Symposium.
UAB Neurology study adds to evidence that massive, second-wave reaction kills nerve cells.

It costs less to care for a geriatric patient hospitalized in a specialized Acute Care for Elders unit than it does for patients hospitalized in a more usual care setting.

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