May 17, 2023

UAB Medicine leadership programs celebrate more than 100 participants

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In the last several years, UAB Medicine and Heersink School of Medicine have worked to bring leadership development to faculty and staff through the UAB Medicine Institute for Leadership and the Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB programs. The programs have included more than 110 participants, with 16 women participating in both programs.

“To ensure UAB Medicine’s sustained success, we must invest in our leaders. These leaders will create other leaders and tee us up for success,” says Jean Ann Larson, EdD, MBA, BSIE, FACHE, LFHIMSS, FIISE. Larson serves as chief leadership development officer for UAB Medicine and senior associate dean for Leadership Development, Heersink School of Medicine. When asked about the evolution of the two programs, Larson remarked, “It’s very rewarding to see the engagement and growth of such a great group of leaders.”

In its fifth year, 93 individuals have participated in the UAB Medicine Institute for Leadership. The program, piloted in 2019, was built to develop the management and leadership skills of high potential, mid-level managers through five key leadership topics: personal proficiency, talent development and management, coaching and mentoring, strategy, and execution. The Institute is administered twice a year to 16 managers per cohort. Cohort six will graduate at the end of June 2023.

UAB’s Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB, exclusive to UAB Medicine women, has been helping leaders identify their strengths and grow their leadership skills since the fall of 2021. The program focuses on developing senior women executives and mirrors Momentum Leaders’ Momentum Executive Leadership Program. Currently, 34 women have completed the Momentum in Medicine program, with the most recent cohort having graduated on May 12.

Contact Jean Ann Larson, chief leadership development officer for the Office of Leadership Development, to learn more about or nominate someone for the leadership and development programs.


Participants by program and cohort

Institute for Leadership

Cohort 1
Khurram Bashir
Amanda Chambers
Stuart Cohen
Christina Crowe
Jennifer DeWolfe
Donna Dye
Mason Frazier
Trevor Lever
Alexander MacKinnon
Ragan Manning
Jennifer Peterson
Brent Ponce
M. Redwine
Jill Stewart
Jerzy Szaflarski
Kemberly Williams

Cohort 2
Catherine Brown
Elizabeth Caine
Pam Clark
K. Lynne Class
Christian Conley
Alison Garretson
Gaurav Jain
W. Jennings
Lauren Leach
Tom McAvoy
Mary McDougal
Steven Payne
Alan Rushing
Bradford Woodworth
Erin Yarbrough

Cohort 3
Mustafa Ahmed
Shannon Bryant
Carlos Estrada
Lauren Graham
Lee Hammonds
Bart Kelly
Brenessa Lindeman
Brittany Lindsey
Ryan Miller
Christal Moore
Fernando Ovalle
Rakesh Patel
Brian Samuels
Dawson Smith
Frank Sortino

Cohort 4
Thomas Buford
Theresa Caridi
Cody Creekmore
Christina Grabowski
Orlando Gutierrez
Fred Horton
Christy Nation
Ryan Outman
Kristin Porter
Erin Snyder
Elizabeth Turnipseed
Brooke Vining
Jamie Wade
Shane Wiley
Faye Williams

Cohort 5
Samone Alexander
Will Callans
Mary Duncan
Gena Dunivan
Rachelle Hall
Shuko Harada
Allyson Hill
Alexis Lawrence
Brian McNiel
Danielle Powell
Lauryn Schultz
Aparna Singhal
Trina Smith
Erika Walsh
Elizabeth Westfall
Sandra Willis

Cohort 6
Efstathia Andrikopoulou
Heather Bradley
John Dodd
Paige Dorman
Vikas Dudeja
Doreni Fleming
French Forbes
Lily Gutnik
Larry Herhoef
Robert Holmes
Ginger "Jaye" Locks
William Meador
Nisha Patel
Adrienne Steading
Jacob Vaughn
Jessica Zeller

Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB

Cohort 1
Donna Bailer
Catherine Brown
Megann Cain
Elizabeth Caine
Amanda Chambers
Paige Dorman
Cathy Fuller
Kristi Gidley
Lauren Graham
Jill Horton
Laura Hurst
Cynthia Joiner
Kierstin Kennedy
Rachael Lee
Stephanie McClinton
Angela Medici
Cynthia Ransburg-Brown
Erin Yarbrough

Cohort 2
Yabing Chen
Christina Crowe
Christina Grabowski
Lauren Leach
Brittany Lindsey
Cristina Magi-Galluzzi
Mary McDougal
Christal Moore
Sarah Nafziger
Kimberly Payne
Jennifer Peterson
Leslie Rhodes
Jill Stewart
Brooke Vining
Lauren Walter
Faye Williams