Adam Pope

Adam Pope

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Covers stories and media requests within the School of Health Professions; UAB Callahan Eye Hospital; anesthesiology; cardiothoracic surgery; cardiovascular disease; gastrointestinal surgery; general surgery; Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center; ophthalmology; otolaryngology; pathology; preventive medicine; pulmonary, allergy and critical care medicine; surgical oncology; transplantation; vascular surgery and endovascular therapy

The study showed that 7.4 percent of veterans with a history of homelessness reported having an overdose in the past 3 years. Alcohol was the most commonly involved substance, but opioids and other drugs were common.

UAB researchers are now running tests and will soon have them available on a commercial platform, increasing output.

Hear from UAB experts on the differences of COVID-19, flu, alleriges and colds.

The study observed two diet types to test their impact on adolescents with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Colorectal cancer screening among UAB employees enrolled in a medical plan increased from 54 percent in 2014 to 68 percent in 2019.

Registration is $25, and everyone is invited to attend.

The study uncovered bias and stereotyping when recruiting patients for clinical trials.

There are plenty of other potential suspects when it comes to chest pain.

One woman’s mysterious illness left her searching for answers, and all it took was having someone listen.
UAB experts provide tips to keep your germs — and everyone else’s — at bay.
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