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Cancer treatment through minimally invasive techniques • Treatment of uterine fibroids • Blood clot filter retrievals • Interventional radiology treatments for liver dancer • Outpatient medicine using interventional radiology

Breast cancer • Women's health

Aging • Ambulatory geriatric care

American government • State and local government • Racial politics • Black conservatism

Nutrition • Obesity • Wellness • Healthy eating habits • Debunking food myths

Healthcare epidemiology • Infection prevention • Emergency response to infectious diseases outbreaks • Public health emergencies • Outbreak of infectious diseases locally/globally

Nutrition • Obesity • Diet myths • Nutrition's effect on bone health

American Revolution and early republic • Nationalism • Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln

Genetics • Ethical issues in genetics • Precision medicine • Rare diseases • Neurofibromatosis-1 (NF-1)

Water safety and children • Traveling with children • Infant safe sleep

Embroideries and other contemporary arts from India • Asian architecture • Islamic art • Himalayan Buddhist art

Pediatric and adult glaucoma • Complex cataracts

Hypertension • Hypertension in African Americans • Body composition

Meal timing • Circadian rhythms • Nutrition • Body mass index • Obesity research

HIV-prevention methods including microbicides • HIV diagnosis and treatment

Infectious and tropical diseases • HIV management and prevention • Public health • Pediatric infectious diseases • Emerging diseases, such as Zika, Ebola • HIV in adolescents

Mobility in geriatric patients • Elder care • In-hospital mobility programs

Age-related macular degeneration • Vision and driving • Improving eye care access and quality for underserved populations

Health care policy • Federal and state health policy issues • Health, Labor and regulatory economics

Memory disorders • Alzheimer’s disease • Dementia • Clinical trials of dementia therapy • Dementia risk assessment • Visual processing

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