This knowledge offers a strategy to target and eliminate these persistent leukemic stem cells.
Students receive recognition for research posters and papers at statewide presentation.
UAB professors publish distinct conceptual framework for entrepreneurship in educational settings.
UAB researchers were awarded a grant for new hybrid technology that could change diagnostic standards for patients. 
The androgen receptor moves into mitochondria to regulate multiple mitochondrial processes
A new screening tool developed at UAB has been shown to be an effective aid in determining the severity of cognitive issues.
Researchers use new methods to understand how teenagers learn to drive.
Groundbreaking research from UAB shows that out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is the third leading cause of years lost and years lived with a disability due to a disease. 
In the SOS response, the bone marrow releases reparative progenitor cells to try to heal the heart.
Retailers should tailor marketing campaigns and messagin to the buying platform and demographic of their customer to improve satisfaction and loyalty. 
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