Beena Thannickal

Beena Thannickal

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Cancer research and patient care

Enroll in the Cancer Prevention Study-3

The fund will benefit cancer patients who are facing demonstrable financial hardship to help offset the cost of their treatment.

Biomarkers could tailor preventative or therapeutic aspirin regimens by predicting colorectal cancer patients’ response.

The conference will feature current trends in the field as they relate to fertility and cancer, radiation therapy, fatigue syndrome, survivorship and palliative care.

Partridge was honored for his exceptional talents and his commitment to make progress towards finishing the fight against cancer.
UAB cancer expert provides the deeper understanding on summer skin protection from UV rays, offers helpful tips.

Proceeds from the Fiesta Ball are used to fund a competitive grant award for a young cancer researcher at UAB.

Grants are awarded to graduate students for use in pilot projects, presentations at scientific meetings and travel to professional conferences.

In an engineering feat, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center installs a cyclotron unique to academic medical settings.

The UAB Supportive Care and Survivorship Clinical Program could win funding for art therapy programs.

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