Savannah Koplon

Savannah Koplon

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Public Relations Specialist • (205) 641-1211

Covers stories and media requests within the School of Optometry; School of Dentistry; pediatrics; Women's & Infants Services; dermatology; endocrinology & diabetes; infectious diseases; clinical immunology and rheumatology; hematology & oncology; urology; psychiatry & behavioral neurobiology.

A UAB researcher’s involvement in clinical trials helped approve a first-of-its-kind targeted medication to reduce pain crisis for individuals with sickle cell disease.

Breakouts are common, and knowing what causes them may help patients with treatment.
UAB Medicine Infusion Therapy has a new home in The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital.
UAB is helping develop automated technology to assess joint damage from rheumatoid arthritis.
A grant in the School of Optometry will enable researchers to study the use of virtual reality and intelligent tutoring in an effort to make low vision rehabilitation more accessible and affordable.
UAB’s long-standing HIV clinic is set to move locations in late 2020.
A UAB researcher’s promising data shows improvement of Duchenne muscular dystrophy symptoms in mice and zebrafish using an experimental drug.
A UAB pediatrician coauthors a new reference for pediatricians to help them support children who are not succeeding in school.
When a tragedy occurs, talking to children about what has happened can help them cope and feel secure.
UAB physicians urge people to get flu shots early in the season.
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