Tehreem Khan

Tehreem Khan

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Public Relations Specialist

tkhan1@uab.edu • (205) 807-2124

Specific beats include: Department of English; Department of Computer Science; Department of History; Department of Philosophy; Department of African American Studies; Department of Social Work; Department of Sociology; UAB Facilities; Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion; Honors College.

Brainard does not think AI offers a substitute for human creativity at this time. AI has yet to compete with humans’ originality, a particular form of self-cultivation, connectedness and imagination.
UAB’s strategic planning continues to blaze its path to improve more lives by leveraging construction projects that include new and enhanced facilities across the institution, blooming green spaces and art installations.
A new UAB study sheds light on how changes in sociohistorical contexts impact the role of teen births on attainment of higher education.
The annual challenge gives students an opportunity to engage with the company in a unique way and apply their coding skills.
This program is a way for Jain to contribute positively to societal issues while furthering his understanding of public health and social dynamics.
Experts at UAB dive into the benefits of indoor and outdoor gardening and give their advice on how to get started. 
Studying abroad as a Gilman Scholar helps students gain professional skills, build language proficiencies and develop knowledgeable perspectives of the world to help them succeed in their careers.

UAB professor receives recognition for his years of commitment at the 2024 Bioethics Bowl.

Einas Ali, a public health student, has reconnected to her Sudani roots and has gained essential intercultural skills during her study abroad trip to Dubai.

The Green Labs and Rheaply programs at UAB earned a Department of Energy Better Practice Awards honor — one of only two universities to receive the award. Another recognition brings pro bono consulting on electrification of Blazer Express.
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