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Cynthia Brown, M.D.

Mobility in geriatric patients • Elder care • In-hospital mobility programs

Eric Wallace, M.D.

Telehealth • Nephrology • Chronic kidney disease • Rural health • Diabetes • Fabry disease

Vineeta Kumar, M.D.

Nephrology • Living kidney donation • Incompatible kidney transplantation

Devin Eckhoff, M.D.

Transplantation • Liver transplantation • Kidney transplantation • Xenotransplantation • Organ preservation • Nephrology

A.J. Gunn, M.D., Ph.D.

Cancer treatment through minimally invasive techniques • Treatment of uterine fibroids • Blood clot filter retrievals • Interventional radiology treatments for liver dancer • Outpatient medicine using interventional radiology

David K.C. Cooper, M.D., Ph.D.

Transplantation • Xenotransplantation • Nephrology • Cardiology • Diabetes

Jayme Locke, M.D.

UAB Kidney Chain • Living kidney donation • Kidney paired donation • Desensitization and incompatible kidney transplantation • HIV-positive kidney transplant • Health services research • Healthcare policy and reform

Shilpa Register, O.D.

Contacts • Ocular disease • Primary eye care

Tyler Hall, M.D.

Cataracts • Eye safety • Eye injuries

Anna Threadcraft, RDN

Nutrition • Obesity • Wellness • Healthy eating habits • Debunking food myths

Pankaj Arora, M.D.

Heart health • Hypertension • Obesity

Cynthia Owsley, Ph.D.

Age-related macular degeneration • Vision and driving • Improving eye care access and quality for underserved populations

Megan McMurray Ph.D.

Psychology • Trauma and mental health • PTSD • Alcohol abuse

Nathaniel Lawson, D.M.D.

Fillings • Biomaterials • Restorative sciences • Dental aesthetics

Rita Jablonski, Ph.D.

Elder care • Aging • Dementia • Nursing home safety • Oral health for the elderly • Family caregiving

Salpy Pamboukian, M.D.

Heart failure • Women's heart health • Mechanical circulatory support devices • Transplant cardiology

Cathleen Cummings, Ph.D.

Embroideries and other contemporary arts from India • Asian architecture • Islamic art • Himalayan Buddhist art

Courtney Peterson, Ph.D.

Meal timing • Circadian rhythms • Nutrition • Body mass index • Obesity research

James Markert, M.D.

Neurosurgery • Treatment of glioma • Gene therapy viral vectors • Malignant brain tumors • Novel therapies for malignant glioma

Craig Wilson, M.D.

Infectious and tropical diseases • HIV management and prevention • Public health • Pediatric infectious diseases • Emerging diseases, such as Zika, Ebola • HIV in adolescents

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