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UAB remains among the lowest in incidents of many crimes, and overall compares favorably to urban and non-urban universities in safety. Recent satisfaction survey results show students’ feelings of safety have increased.
Spring tornado season is here. Prepare for the worst with these suggestions from UAB.
A UAB psychologist and optometrist offer insight about keeping Halloween safe this year.
Winter is coming — are you ready? Prepare for the worst with handy checklists from UAB Emergency Management for home, office and car.
Implementation of safety measures continues following UAB Safety Task Force assessment and action plan.
UAB students are invited to participate in “Reality Rides” to encourage safe driving.
Running around town trying to get holiday tasks crossed off the list may mean jaywalking to save time. But one UAB expert says this should be avoided at all times.
Active kids and sugary snacks can spell trouble for teeth during the summer.

Parents beware: Children’s eye injuries, often from organized sports or swimming, go up in summer.

Drowning is the leading cause of injury, death in young children; a UAB expert shared simple steps to prevent accidents.

Distraction by a dog while driving may be worse for older drivers, according to research from UAB.

The manual provides practical information on how to plan, implement and evaluate a pedestrian safety program.

UAB study finds lack of traumatic brain injury education among military veterans; movies and TV dramas spread misinformation.

The KBR funds will be used to grow the international student enrollment of the ASEM program.

UAB injury science researchers again recommend the use of protective helmets during periods of severe weather.

The Critical Care Transport team has re-fit one of its three ambulances to make the vehicle safer and more environmentally friendly.

McQuade is the author of The Encyclopedia of Cyber Crime and Cyber Bullying: Protecting Kids and Adults from Online Bullies.

UAB interim president, School of Engineering professor named NAI Charter Fellows for involvement in inventions that impact life, society.

Gerald McGwin, Ph.D., is also associate director of the Department of Ophthalmology’s Clinical Research Unit.

Fully online program exceeds OSHA requirements, gives students a chance to learn best safety practices and earn undergraduate credit hours.

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