UPLC is an ultra-high pressure LC pumping system. Smaller particles in the column packing, while giving better peak separation, substantially increase the back pressure. TMPL used its instrumentation account to purchase a Shimadzu EXION UPLC. We wish to acknowledge investments for this project made by the Department of Nutrition Sciences (Dr. Jim Hill), the UAB Precision Medicine Institute (Dr. Matt Might) and the Lung Health Center (Dr. Amit Gaggar).

The UPLC has enabled a four-fold increase in in the number of samples that can be analyzed per day for metabolomics and has generated a notable increase in precision of this type of analysis. In addition, it permits the use of more viscous, hydrophobic solvents, thereby enabling the resolution of lipids in biological samples.

For more information please contact Landon Wilson (empy1977@uab.edu) or Stephen Barnes (sbarnes@uab.edu).