Online-only features from the Fall 2010 issue of UAB Magazine.


Ideas and Innovations - Insights on Aging: Learn more about the UAB Study of Aging and its influential life-space mobility scale.


Cover Story - Study Away: Read Jennifer Ghandhi's account of a month-long Study Away hike on Spain's Camino de Santiago.



Cover Story - Internships and Co-Ops: Read UAB students' accounts of working for gadget makers, eye-tracking hardware manufacturers, and more.


Cover Story - Individually Designed Majors: Check out more unique majors—including IDMs in children's advocacy, Arabic, and sport and society.


Cover Story - Tweet Up in the Classroom: Discover the story behind Tim Cook's all-online Japanese 101 class.


Answers for Autism: UAB neurologist Alan K. Percy, M.D., explains why the link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been broken by a retraction in the British medical journal The Lancet in this release and in the video below.



Alumni: Watch J.D. Warren's Lawnbot400 robotic lawnmower in action.