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Digital features from the fall 2012 issue of UAB Magazine 


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Ideas and Innovations - Rhythm Section: Watch UAB ballroom dance students sway across the floor in this video from UAB News.

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Cover story - Safe House: See a slideshow about the 1917 Clinic, UAB's internationally renowned health-care facility for patients with HIV/AIDS.

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Family Practice: Watch a video about UAB's International Adoption Clinic from UAB News.

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Good Neighbors: See photos from UAB outreach activities in the Woodlawn neighborhood, including ArtReach and the Blueprints mentoring program.

 web roof

Environmental Enterprise: Watch UAB students plant a new green roof at the Hill University Center in this time-lapse video.

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1-Up: Test your own skills at cyber-crimefighting in a video game inspired by UAB researchers, read more about students and alumni in UAB's new master's degree program in computer forensics, and watch Gary Warner reveal the power of the UAB PhishIntel cybercrime database.

ace bass

Ace of Bass: Watch UAB music professor Won Cho perform in The Barber of Seville.

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Fight Club: UAB students demonstrate their swordfighting chops in this video.

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Students - Ali Massoud: Learn more about UAB's Mock Trial team in this story and video from UAB Magazine.

 web pineda

Alumni - Luis Pineda: Learn more about the cooking oncologist's cancer-relief recipes in this slideshow.

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Alumni - Despina Stavrinos: Watch a UAB Magazine editor take Stavrinos's distracted-driving torture test in this video.

 web parcak

People: Watch Sarah Parcak's TED Talk on her space archaeology research.

 web cormier Shelf Life: Learn more about Lori Cormier's research into the past and future lives of malaria in this UAB Magazine feature.