ArtPlay, a unique education and outreach initiative of UAB’s Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center, recently debuted in a beautifully restored home just blocks from campus.

The 115-year-old structure has been transformed into a center of creativity showcasing dance and drama, music, visual arts, and creative writing. Arts classes and workshops are tailored to all ages. Young children can explore drawing and painting, ballet, jazz, and musical theater while adults discover acting, storytelling, and music production. Instructors include local artists as well as faculty from UAB’s music department, who provide private instruction.

Jane Stephens Comer, the longtime Alys Stephens Center supporter who gave UAB the idea for ArtPlay and a generous donation to bring it to life (see Maintaining the Momentum), is excited by the venue’s opening. She hopes that it will help expose the community to all forms of art, encourage creative collaboration, and open the door to a new world of learning opportunities,
she says.


Click on the images below to see an ArtPlay slideshow

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