business_services_securityIn the early 1960's, the Hospital consisted of the Hillman and Tidwell Hall buildings. In 1964, the Hospital was well on the way toward expansion and the need for a keying system (a means of security) was realized. The administration of that time designed its first key access form, and bought a new key system. Expansion also created a need for someone to oversee the new key system and the first locksmith was hired in 1967 and a second one in 1969. The new unit operated out of the Maintenance Department and serviced the campus area. Shortly after, the hospital hired its own locksmith. January 1972 marked the beginning of the Police Department, as it is known today. The University hired its first Director of Security and Safety (Police Chief) and the transition from “guard” to professional law enforcement began. The transition brought along with it the locksmith operation that had previously been under the Maintenance Department.

In 1984, the Police Department purchased its first Security Management System and began the card access system. The department soon recognized a need for a more permanent body to do the installation. The entire electronic system was merged and the Physical Security Unit was created to oversee the card access, CCTV cameras, alarms, locks and keys. Since 1984, the unit has installed over 1,800 card readers, 4,000 alarm points, serviced and maintained 3,000 CCTV cameras, cut and issued keys and set up all cylinders for all campus buildings and continues to grow.

Location - 909 18th Street South, Burleson Building, Suite 230
Office Hours - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday
Phone - 205-934-3708
Fax -      205-934-9293

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