Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX: is the state educational Web portal directed by Technology Initiatives, Alabama State Department of Education. The ALEX project collaborates with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to ensure the program meets PK-21 Educator and student needs. ALEX provides a free, one-stop resource for every student, parent, school leader, and teacher in Alabama.  ALEX convenes Alabama's finest teachers to develop reading, social sciences, math, and science resources and trains PK-21 teachers, library media specialists, teacher-preparation faculty, and after-school educational programs to use these resources as well as develop video/audio podcasts and lesson plans for hosting to ALEX.  The web portal contains over 65,000 links to games, interactives, videos, lesson plans, learning strategies, and includes CCRS teaching/learning resources. ALEX training and resources are designed to engage students in learning that is relevant for learning and working in a global economy. Training modules include the “Expanding the Concept of Literacy” curriculum.  Dr. Shannon Parks ( is the director of the ALEX program and Dr. Deborah Strevy, in the UAB School of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is the Principle Investigator of this grant.  Dr. Stephanie Baird ( continues to oversee the day-to-day development of the ALEX website portal here at UAB.

Children's Creative Learning Center

The Children's Creative Learning Center was begun in 1971 and provides a summer enrichment camp for children ages 3-12 focusing on literacy, math, sciences, and arts. Classes are taught by or under the supervision of master teachers. Children are engaged with hands-on, minds-on authentic curriculum each summer, with individualized projects available for any child. Specific workshops targeting upper elementary children are provided on a weekly basis. Mrs. Jennifer Summerlin is the director of the program and can be contacted at or 996-3540.

Collaboration for Excellence in Science And Math Education (CESAME)

CESAME provides scholarships to future math and science teachers who are pursuing initial teacher certification through the Alternative Master’s Program. This scholarship program is administered by UAB’s Center for Community Outreach Development (CORD). For more information, interested applicants should call 205-934-5171 or email

Effective Instruction for English Learners (ELs)

Over the past ten years, the SOE has been partnering with local school systems for the implementation of National Professional Development grants from the U.S. Department of Education. Through these partnerships, the grants support the training of teachers to provide effective instruction for English learners (ELs). Current grant partnerships are as follows: Project SPEAK (Sheltered instruction for Promoting English learners’ Academic Knowledge) with Jefferson County, Etowah EDGE (English learners Developing, Growing, and Excelling) with Etowah County, and Southeast ECHO (English learners Charting new Horizons and Opportunities) with Enterprise City.

Midsouth Reading and Writing Institute

Each summer, the MidSouth Reading and Writing Institute provides the southeastern United States with top-notch professional development. Keynote speakers are brought in from around the world who are experts in the field of literacy. Local presenters provide practical workshops to help teachers bridge theory and practice. Contact Lynn Kirkland, Professor/Chair or Sue Seay, Assistant Professor for more information.

The Peace Corps and its Master's International Program (MIP)

The School of Education has partnered with the Peace Corps to offer a Master’s International Program (MIP) for teaching English as a Second Language. MIP students complete 24 credit hours at UAB and then begin their service as Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs). They finish their master’s degree while serving overseas for two years as English teachers or as English teacher trainers. 

Red Mountain Writing Project

The Red Mountain Writing Project (RMWP) is a local affiliate of the National Writing Project, whose motto is "teachers teaching teachers" and whose mission is to provide a forum for teachers of all grade levels and in all content areas to study and develop new and innovative strategies for literacy instruction. The National Writing Project provides grant money to over two-hundred sites across the United States, touching the lives of thousands of teachers and tens-of-thousands of students every year.