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Undergraduates majoring in community health and human services (CHHS) chose a concentration in either community health (CH) or human services (HS). Upon successful completion of the major, they graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Community Health Concentration

This concentration prepares students for entry into a variety of professions—patient educator, certified diabetes educator, child development specialist, health policy coordinator, wellness coordinator, community assessment coordinator, public health educator, community nutrition educator, and others—and for graduate study. Students concentrating in community health must pursue a minor approved by their faculty advisor.

Human Services Concentration

This concentration prepares students for entry into professions such as caseworker, community coordinator, family support worker, outreach specialist, advocate, drug abuse counselor, social services liaison, and mental health technician as well as for graduate study.


The CHHS program offers minors in community health and human services to all UAB students. CHHS majors concentrating in community health can minor in human services; those concentrating in human services can minor in community health.

Community Health Minor

The minor in community health provides students with an overview of the health education profession. With courses such as Introduction to Epidemiology and Disease Impact, Global Trends in Health Education, and Drug Use and Abuse, this minor would be especially useful to students majoring in the social sciences, health sciences, and business.

Human Services Minor

The minor in human services provides students with an overview of some of the important helping professions. Courses such as Fundraising in Human Services, Community Resource Identification and Mobilization, and Leadership in Non-Profit Administration make this minor particularly useful to students majoring in the social sciences, health sciences, and business.


We offer two graduate degree programs and two certificate programs: a certificate program in health education, a Master of Education degree program in community health with an optional non-profit management certificate, and a doctoral degree program in health education/health promotion.

Online Certificate in Health Education

This certificate program, which aligns with the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) core competencies, enhances the knowledge and skills of practicing health educators so they may better assess, plan, implement, and evaluate health education interventions. Certificate coursework is offered entirely online.

Online MAEd in Community Health

The M.A. in Education degree with a concentration in community health prepares graduates for advanced employment opportunities in public, volunteer, and private agencies, clinics, and corporations. Coursework for this degree is offered entirely online.

Online MAEd in Community Health with Non-profit Management Graduate Certificate

Students in the master’s degree program may do additional coursework for their Non-profit Management certificate. Most of the courses for the certificate are offered exclusively online with only a few being taken on campus.

Ph.D. in Health Education/Health Promotion

The UAB School of Education, the UAB School of Public Health, and the UA College of Human Environmental Sciences jointly administer the health education/health promotion doctoral program. Graduates with this degree from the UA System become researchers, clinicians, and university faculty members, attaining positions in higher education, government agencies, and relevant foundations.
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Community Health and Human Services Degrees

The Community Health and Human Services program in the Department of Human Studies offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. After earning a bachelor’s degree, a student may choose to pursue a master’s degree or a certificate or both.

Community Health blended blended    
Community Health with Nonprofit Management Certificate       blended  
Health Education        
Health Education/Health Promotion         blended
Human Services      


These programs deliver content via on-campus meetings. Some online content delivery may be available.
Blended blended
These programs deliver at least half of their content online with the remaining content delivered via on-campus meetings.
These programs deliver most or all of the content online with no or few on-campus meetings.

What our graduates say

UAB's Community Health and Human Services undergraduate and graduate program has helped me tremendously in my current job. Because of the program, I have the skills to adequately assess and address the needs of the patients I serve.

Beverly Berry
Beverly Berry
Susan Gay

Every course I took at UAB is today an invaluable asset; I now have the opportunity to see how the theories we learned translate into real-world situations. I am grateful that the CHHS program provided me with the knowledge, skills, and training to be successful in my profession as a public health educator.

Susan Gay

The master’s program in community health prepared me for my role as an Infectious Disease Health Education Coordinator, and I enjoyed having professors who were invested in my fellow students and me and challenged us to do our best.

Kiko King
Kiko King