Honors Program

To provide high achieving students with the opportunity to participate in Honors (HON) sections of KIN 485 and 499, where they will collaborate with an Exercise Science/Fitness Leadership Faculty Mentor to pursue their intellectual interests by completing an Honors Project.
The Faculty Mentor shall have primary responsibility for the supervision of the student's work, setting deadlines, and guiding the student's progress. The Honors Project will consist of an inquiry or investigation (pre-approved by Dr. Roy), that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline of Kinesiology designed to meet global and societal needs.

Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor in an area of mutual interest and conduct an in-depth literature review and either a research or civic engagement project designed to meet some particular need as it relates to pertinent areas of fitness, exercise and physical activity. Students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to present their ideas in an organized and insightful manner.

When to Apply
The Faculty Mentor and project identification should be pursued during the Junior year, while taking or after having taken KIN 307 and 400. Students should apply to the Honors Program the semester prior to taking KIN 485. This will provide sufficient time to complete their Honors Project (at least 90 hours of coursework) during their Senior year (i.e. while taking KIN 485 and KIN 499). 

Exercise Science and Fitness Leadership majors who have:

  1. An overall GPA > 3.4, or
  2. A UAB GPA >  3.4, or
  3. A GPA > 3.5 for their last three semesters  

are eligible to apply for the Honors Program.

Application Materials
Students are required to submit a student application, essay, a letter of support from their Faculty Mentor, and a letter of recommendation.

Application Form

** Please use a PC to complete this form. The form is NOT compatible with Mac computers. If you have difficulty entering information in the form please seek assistance from the student workers in the EB 149 Open Lab.

When is the deadline to submit the HON Application for students taking KIN 485 in Summer 15?
Friday, April 10th, 2015.

When is the deadline to submit the HON Application for students taking KIN 485 in Fall 15?
Friday, July 24th, 2015.

Honors Coursework
Your grade in KIN 485 HON will be determined the same as the KIN 485 non-HON students. During the last week of the semester, your Faculty Mentor will be required to submit a satisfactory/unsatisfactory progress report, and you will be required to submit a journal/hourly log of your activities (signed by your Faculty Mentor) to Dr. Roy (KIN 485 HON course co-instructor). Based on the recommendation of the Faculty Mentor, the student will then be placed in the HON or non-HON section of KIN 499.
The Faculty Mentor shall determine the final grade of the KIN 499 HON coursework in consultation with Dr. Roy (KIN 499 HON course instructor).  By the completion of KIN 499 HON (3 credits), students should have devoted at least 90 hours on their HON project. The Faculty Mentor will submit a satisfactory/unsatisfactory progress report and the written report that will be submitted for presentation/publication; and the student will submit a journal/hourly log of their activities (signed by their Faculty Mentor). Please see KIN 499 HON syllabus for specific course pre reqs, grading, guidelines, etc. The Faculty Mentor will serve as the Agency Supervisor during the KIN 499 HON Fitness Internship. Students may register for an additional section of KIN 499 HON, should they need additional time to complete their project.

Honors Project
Completion of the HON Project will include a written report that meets specific criteria and is in the appropriate format to submit to an approved journal and/or professional organization for presentation (e.g. poster or oral). It should consist of the following general components: Abstract, Introduction, Statement of the Problem, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.

For more information, go to:                  
Office of Undergarduate Research
The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) is a one-stop clearinghouse for undergraduate research. We promote and facilitate research, scholarship and creative activities by undergraduate students across all disciplines at UAB.

Inquiro is UAB's official journal of undergraduate research.

Graduating with Honors
The student must earn an ‘A’ grade in HON sections of KIN 485 and KIN 499 (3 – 6 hours) to graduate with "Honors in Human Studies.”

Honors Advising
Please contact Dr. Jane Roy, Honors Program Director (jroy@uab.edu or 934-1757) for advising (e.g. identification of a project and Faculty Mentor) and additional information.  

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