Recertification of an Alabama Teaching Certificate

Please call the Alabama State Department of Education to get information on your individual requirements for recertification at 334-242-9977.  The Alabama State Department of Education approves certification.  The university delivers the needed coursework.

If you need classes as part of the recertification process, you may select from any course that is listed on a state approved checklist.

Please contact one of our program directors to ensure correct advising for coursework:

-Dr. Diane Pevsner -

Special Education Collaborative Teacher

-Dr. Kay Emfinger -

Early Childhood/Elementary Education

-Dr. Susan Spezzini -

Secondary Education 6-12

•Single Subject Fields K-12 (Art, Music, Foreign Language)

English as a Second Language 

-Dr. Sandra Sims -

Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education)

The level of courses you take (300, 400, 500, 600, etc.) will be dependent on your last certification so communicating with one of our program directors is important.

Important: You are responsible for sending the needed documentation to the state to complete the recertification process.