October 2009 - Alumni Spotlight - Alan Hill

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the October 2009 IEM Newsletter.

October's featured IEM alumnus is Alan Hill, Center Director and Regional Coordinator at the Alabama Technology Network (ATN). Alan’s responsibilities include: coordination, directing staff, marketing, and business development. Prior to joining ATN, Alan was a Senior Project Engineer/Senior Sales Engineer with Clarage Fans/Zurn Air Systems Division. A common thread throughout Alan’s career has been a passion for ISO, more on that later.

Alan received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UAB back in 1988. Alan entered the IEM program in the fall of 2007 and graduated in 2009. Alan is a member of several professional organizations including: Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Recently Alan shared some of his thoughts regarding his IEM experience. Here they are in his words:

"The greatest value I received from the program was its focus on management practices and principles. I especially liked the speakers that were brought in for the various classes. Insight into their management strategies was interesting and beneficial in my management development.

My favorite class had to be Strategic Management. Shortly before I pursued my IEM degree, I was promoted to Center Director. As part of my responsibility, I became more involved in my organization's strategic management process. This class provided me more insight and a better understanding of this process.

I had several unexpected things that I valued from the IEM program. One was a better understanding of information technology processes such as network systems, network security and software development. The other was the caliber of professionals the program brings in. I thoroughly enjoyed working on class projects with fellow students and found myself learning a great deal from these professionals."

Alan chose to partner with Janaki Peri for his graduate project . Alan was able to utilize his expertise with ISO in order to create a book entitled "A Practical Guide For ISO Quality Management System Implementation."

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